Flamingos and Koi

Flamingo and koi (640x427)

Flamingos and Koi, Milwaukee Zoo

Okay, I KNEW my flamingos were not as brightly colored as the ones at the Milwaukee Zoo. When I saw the ones there, I was like, yes! That’s the color they should be! And you can see the koi swimming nearby.

So is this a different pink variety, or is it all about diet?

Zoo with coyotes barking 031 (427x640)

Flamingos, Cameron Park Zoo

Well, her flamingos are pink, but...

Well, her flamingos are pink, but…

Flamingos in White Bear

Flamingos in White Bear

I love getting pictures of koi, which are beautifully colored. These all came up looking for a feast. They remind me of my puppies.

koi (640x637)

Koi, Milwaukee Zoo

These I caught on the perfect day. It was just light enough, just shaded enough, that the pictures look surreal on this fall day.

Koi, Cameron Park Zoo

Koi, Cameron Park Zoo

Because of boarding the puppies for so long while I was in Milwaukee and New Mexico, they get a free day spa. That means a day of play and baths. So after they got me up at 4:45, they’re sleeping, little monsters, but that will change soon. I’ll take them in as soon as the place opens, they can play, get their baths, and I’ll pick them up. And while they’re away?

I can write. 🙂

Have a super great hump day!!!


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