Color or Black and White?

I was trying to take a picture of each of the puppies sleeping, and the only one that turned out really interesting was the one who was in shadows.

At first, I deleted it because I couldn’t see the object of my photography well enough. But it wasn’t the dog that was the interest but everything around it and over it and all because of the light and shadows.

Mishka in the Shadows

Mishka in the Shadows

Black and White Mishka in the Shadows

Black and White Mishka in the Shadows

To me, what’s interesting is not just the vertical blinds and their sunlight reflection on the wood floor, but the fancy trim on the coffee table that is also reflected on the floor as if it was actually physical scroll work and not just a reflection. And the blinds are reflected off the table, making it look like a piano keyboard.

If the dog hadn’t been lying there, it would have been interesting, mainly, I thought, because of the way the curtain cut into the blinds reflection, but she adds another dimension. Life. Not just stark inanimate objects. She’s looking back at me, wondering what I’m doing. She doesn’t get photographed as much as my puppies do, so she doesn’t react as much as they do. Tanner would sit up and look straight at me, ready for his picture. Max is more laid back.

And yet, at first, I thought the picture was a mistake, no good, time to discard. Some of my worst mistakes are kind of cool, actually. 🙂

What do you think?


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5 thoughts on “Color or Black and White?

  1. You are right, it is a very good picture but the hound is just ‘there’. I am still trying to learn how to do this, so if I happen to get one right, it is an accident also. I like the color picture better. Maybe because I remember when color film first became popular and it was sort of like color TV. I’m not sure I can ever understand the fascination some have with black and white pictures. Not so long ago that was all we had.

  2. Thanks Terry, the title certainly would apply to me since my creativity has thus far avoided detection. Ha

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