Tanner and His Need to Collect

Tanner and the plastic container

Tanner and the plastic container

I swear I don’t give these things to Tanner just so I can take pictures. This was a cat’s food container and it was downstairs in a basement. So I’m on my laptop, looking around to see that all the dogs are behaving themselves. Which means my two because they’re still puppies and Mishka is 5 years old and well-behaved, and I see Tanner with the plastic bowl in his chops.

Tanner, my son's slipper and the chew toy

Tanner, my son’s slipper and the chew toy

Now the chew toy had been lying on the floor for days, but Tanner decided to collect things around the room. He wasn’t chewing on them, just…collecting them. Hoarding them.

Tanner, Max, and the slipper

Tanner, Max, and the slipper

And then of course if Tanner was getting his picture taken, Max wanted his picture taken also. Only Tanner wasn’t giving up his new found slipper for anything.

I took the slipper away from him and put it where it had been with its soul mate, but a few minutes later, Tanner had carried it back to his cot. Soooo, I put the slipper up. Then I watched as he sniffed at my son’s sneaker but it didn’t have the appeal that the slipper did.

Puppies will be puppies. Though it’s also the perfect training tool.

Have a super wonderful day and may you see the humor in the world like I do.  Because sometimes that’s all you have. 🙂

(Note: Says me who was rushing to get Mishka off the carpet when she was throwing up, and hurry her outside while the puppies were excited and underfoot. She managed to throw up on the deck and I cleaned it up much more easily while the puppies wanted to get into it. It’s all an adventure in life.)


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