Ever See a White Bison?

Did you know that bison and buffalo are not the same critter? Settlers mistakenly called bison buffalo, but they technically live in Africa and Asia, whereas bison are in North America. Bison have the huge shoulder hump and massive heads. They even have a few bison in Poland. They are from the same family–the buffalo and bison, but they are two distinct animals.

Here are some pictures of the white bison a couple of years ago, and then this year, but probably last year, she had a baby, which we didn’t know about. It was really fun to see two of them this time.

White Bison Near the Car

White Bison Right Beside the Car

Juvenile White Bison

Juvenile White Bison

White Bison and Juvenile Side by Side

White Bison and Juvenile Side by Side

By himself, the juvenile is white, but standing next to his parent, he’s browner, but still much whiter than the brown bison.

White Bison Reflection

White Bison Reflection

My son was driving and the bison were on his side of the car, so he took the pictures. He wanted to get a cool picture of just the white bison’s reflection. This was what I loved so much when we saw them this time. All the animals, elk included, were trying to beat the heat, either by staying in the shade, or wading in the water.  The years before, it was Thanksgiving and the ponds were frozen. 🙂 No need to beat the heat!

Two Tired Baby Bison

Two Tired Baby Bison Calves

Did I mention that when I got home, my external hard drive is giving me an error message and I can’t access it? Grrr.

I can still access it on my laptop, so the cords and such are working. My son and my SIL tried to figure it out, but no success. I save all my stories on it because my computer has crashed so many times. I really can’t afford not to be able to use it. 🙁

So then I loved my son’s water container for his dog. And I got one for mine. They loved it at his house and he doesn’t have to refill it all the time. So I filled mine up with water, and it started to fill up the dish, and fill it, and fill it, and wait, it’s going to breach the top any second now. Puppies are waiting in heady anticipation. They love the water from those. They are excited. But like me, waiting for it to quit filling up. I had to quickly tilt it back and stop the water from filling up and try to tip it back into the tank, only it began pouring all over the floor. So then I was running the tank into the kitchen to let the water out there, puppies racing with me–their mommy is always so much fun–until I could figure out what I had done wrong. Not turned it enough in the seat.

I do things like this just to entertain you, you know. Just in case your life is boring.

Oh, and yesterday, Max was thwarted from going to the bathroom…by this.

Toad sitting on sidewalk

Toad sitting on sidewalk

Tanner raced over him to get to the grass, never seeing him. Max saw him and stopped dead in his tracks, tried to move around him, then backed up, and did the same. I finally had to carry him over the toad. Max, thwarted by a toad.

Have a great day!!! Back to working on Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing!


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