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First, I had to share this. He’s now out in audiobook! What makes this so special is that it’s the first time I have have a wolf book in audiobook. Silver Wolf Christmas, coming in October, will also be out in audiobook. Two companies are considering producing the rest of the wolf books, and that means 14 books in all. One is producing the first 4 jaguar books, so excited about that too. Two are out: Jaguar Pride and Savage Hunger. Jaguar Fever and Jaguar Hunt are in process.

I have a novel that needs to be revised a lot to make this work, but I was messing around with a cover for the story for when I can get around to rewriting it. Still need to figure out a tag line. More on it later, but the novel was turned down a few years back, had totally rewrite it for my publisher, and so I’m revising it to create this new book, polar bears instead of Arctic wolves.

And I’m working on this book right now, have 64,000 words to go.

Taming the Wild Cougar WEB 05082015

And I finished proofing Killing the Bloodlust. The narrator will make the corrections, I’ll reproof it and it’ll be off to production.

Killing the Bloodlust

Even hunters need to take time out from taking care of rogue vampires and have some fun!

Killing the Bloodlust - Terry Spear

And now I’m back to tangling with the wild cats. I have to still go back in and reread Billionaire, but I always let it sit for a couple of days so that I’m looking at it with fresher eyes. Have a great hump day! 🙂


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