Evolution of Audible Covers–by the Publisher

Savage Hunger: Heart of the Jaguar, Book 1 | [Terry Spear]

Savage Hunger, Book 1, 1st book in Audible

This one was nicely done.


Jaguar Pride | [Terry Spear]

Jaguar Pride, Book 4, 2nd book in Audible  (someone got them out of order)

Poor design.

When we upload our indie work, one of the things Audible said is that we can’t use a black border like this. Or just use a wider version of the book cover. But sometimes it’s hard to use the same cover for the expanded version from a cover that is a narrower proportion for a book cover to fit a square audiobook cover, especially when we’ve bought the cover from a cover artist and it’s four or five years down the road. But a publisher should be able to do this right.


SEAL Wolf Hunting | [Terry Spear]

SEAL Wolf Hunting, Book 16, 1st wolf book in Audible, 3rd book ready in Audible. This one was interesting, but I could have done it. And it doesn’t make use of the whole space to allow for the title and author’s name to expand a bit, plus it obscures the actual cover. Since this is a brand new ebook and print book release, I don’t see why they couldn’t have made it more like the next cover or the first cover.


Jaguar Fever | [Terry Spear]

Jaguar Fever, Book 2, 4th book in Audible.

I love this one!


Which do you like best?

Okay,  back to my regularly scheduled writing! Have a great day!


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2 thoughts on “Evolution of Audible Covers–by the Publisher

  1. I like the Seal Wolf Hunting cover the best too. It’s interesting how many designs they’re trying out.

    • It is! I’m so excited that more will be coming. 🙂 <3 I've been listening to Savage Hunger and it really helps when you go through the bank drive-through and the guy ahead of you decides to take 20 mins to fill out paperwork instead of having it ready beforehand. I couldn't move out of the line, but I don't worry about it. I just listened to the book. 🙂

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