Dragonfly Eating Dinner

dragonflies 007

I think the white fluffy looking stuff is a swarm of tiny bugs and the Dragonfly is out for dinner.

I saw a beautiful green one yesterday, only I didn’t have my camera with me. He flew around me and over the puppies. We had disturbed him, and did again later when they had to go out. I put the puppies in the house and went out to capture a shot of him, but haven’t seen him again. 🙁 I haven’t seen a pure green dragonfly, so I want to capture him in a photo in the worst way.

Don’t you hate that? When your model won’t cooperate?

My latest audiobook is now available!

Killing the Bloodlust | [Terry Spear]

Army officer Crystal Anderson can’t help the draw she has to vampires, although she’s supposed to be drawn to them to kill those who are renegades, since she’s a born huntress. But something about her is different. Ostracized from her family, she lives precariously on her own. That is until a local vampire targets her. Then she meets a fellow Army officer Robert Parker – who she believes is one of them – a vampire or blood host, or something. Suddenly, nothing is the same.

Army officer Robert Parker is on assignment at Fort Hood, Texas, trying to track down the vampire who murdered his sister after hours. When he spies Crystal coming out of a vampire house, he assumes she’s a human host, and that she can lead him to his murderer. Except he’s drawn to her like a hunter would be to a huntress, until he learns she’s not quite right. She’s fighting alone without a family of hunters’ support, and he’s bound to do something about it before she gets herself killed… or worse.



I’m still working on Billionaire, revising it based on a beta reader’s great ideas. I have to read it over to see if I missed anything with the new changes. Puppies got me up at 2:30 this morning, luckily we didn’t run into the skunk.

Sooo, that means I’m late getting my blog done, etc, etc, etc. Tanner and Max got into sunflower seeds that I put out for the birds and by the time I got them to mind me and come in the house, they’d eaten too much. They didn’t get sick, but man, the poop factor has been unbelievable. I had to take them both out in the middle of the night, at 7:30, they were at it again. Then fifteen minutes later, Max is standing at the door. Which I LOVE. No more accidents in the house. My puppies are growing up! But both went again. I was gobsmacked. Then…yes, again, 15 mins later. Darn birds. It’s all your fault. Eat up your sunflower seeds! Anyway, you can actually feed your dogs sunflower seeds, but keep it to a little bit as they will actually gain weight with them. After as much as I had to clean up the yard this morning, I don’t see how!!! 🙂

I’ve also got 13 books up at iBooks and still 31 to move over there. I learned that you earn 69+% on your books there, 60% going through Smashwords, and I was having trouble sending in updated versions, getting an error message. I needed to give the version another number. It’s a catch 22. I needed to add iBook store links to the books, but couldn’t without them being uploaded to the store first so I’d have a store link to add to the book. A helpful author told me she had the same problem and so she had to do 1.1 to upload the new version. So need to do that with ALL the books again with the updated store links.

Okay, so if you write, you know that if you change one little thing, it can go from a cute little snowflake into the Abominable Snowman. And that’s what I’ve got to check out this morning, while making some other revisions.

But moving the books to another book seller site also means that cute little snowflake has snowballed into the Abominable Snowman. I’ve got to update all my links for iBooks as I get them done. AND, since I’m adding links for Amazon and BN, I need to also update all the books on Amazon and BN. Haven’t even begun to do that. Sooooo….

That means I’ve got to quit goofing off on here, and get to work on Billionaire. Book due soon and the days are slipping on past even sooner!!

Have a terrific snowflake day! With 105 degree temps, no snowmen in the immediate future for us!



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