Puppy Alert! Hawk is Back!

hawk closeup facing me

Hawk Facing Us

hawk closeup

Hawk looking to the side, but still watching us

hawk turned around

Hawk’s head swiveled around looking for prey–do you see the shadow cast by one of his talons?

The birds saw him before he flew onto the electric pole.

Unfortunately, the puppies scared the birds out of their hiding place in the shrubs, but the hawk just stayed put so I could throw them back into the house (really, they run, I don’t throw them–author license), and grab my camera.

Then I took several shots of the hawk. He is sitting on my neighbor’s pole. But he’s been sitting in my bird seed dish before. And he got hold of something and was eating it in one of my shrubs one day. He actually crawled through my shrubs trying to get to baby sparrows. I ran out with my camera to try to take a picture of him, wondering what he was exactly.


right sideview hawk

Hawk in my privet in backyard

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Sharp Shinned Hawk

great sideview of hawk

Hawk in my privet with dinner in his talons

Back to writing! 🙂  Have a fantastic Monday!


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2 thoughts on “Puppy Alert! Hawk is Back!

  1. Wow! Awesome pictures! Hawks are really beautiful. Im amazed how keen their eyesight is. I saw a hawk way above me and it dove to the ground. He was just a speck in the sky. I wish I had their eyesight.

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