Lizards, Lizards Everywhere

Lizards everywhere

Lizards everywhere

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But they’re not just outside my house, but inside too! Not big ones like these though. They’re tiny. I don’t mind them, but they do get my attention. I always think they are scorpions.

Aren’t they the coolest?

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6 thoughts on “Lizards, Lizards Everywhere

  1. I spent some time in El Paso, TX a few years ago and almost everyone had replaced their green lawns with desert looking rock gardens or locally native plants because water is so expensive. My cousin resisted that change and when asked why she said it made her feel like a lizard on a rock. Maybe that explained why you never saw people outdoors. I have felt like the lizards here in central TX this past month or two. I hope we get to see green grass again soon.

  2. I can’t wait for it to rain again! I can’t imagine living in more desert areas of the country or other countries. I love greenery. My aunt lived in Arizona and they replaced all the lawns with stones, some with green colored stones. I’m glad they do because water is too precious to waste. Even visiting New Mexico, it was beautiful and interesting in its own way, but I felt so much better when I arrived in this part of Texas and it was so green and treed. I so love Scotland, but I was constantly seeking out trees even though it’s very green. And when I was in Florida, I wanted to see hills. So hilly terrain or mountains, water, and trees and I’m happy.

    • My puppies are so unobservant. When I had a cat, she would have seen them. The puppies never see them even if they’re running across the floor in front of them. Outside, half the time a huge toad will hop in front of them and they never see him! A rabbit will run off and again, they see him for a second and lose sight of where he’s gone in the next instant even though he’s still racing along the backyard for cover. lol Max could catch him too if he saw him. He’s really a speed runner.

  3. These sure do look different (the lizards) than the ones we have here in the Miss. Delta! Ours are a different color and I haven’t seen any this big here. I don’t mind them outside but I can’t stand the thought of them in the house!!! If they got in the house my dogs would have a good time trying and probably catching them.

    • The big ones are called Texas Spiny Lizard, and yeah, they get big! That one on the bottom was even bigger than the first one. The little ones can be creepy. I had one crawling up my jeans leg when I was typing. I knocked off it’s tail when I tried to knock it out of my pants. Talk about creepy crawly. But they’ll regrow the tail. And then I thought another was crawling on my leg a couple of years later, but that turned out to be a spider. I’ll take the little lizard any day!!! I had all my windows replaced, lots of caulking and sealing done, and still the lizards find a way inside!

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