The Tame Wild Birds of Scotland

Is the title an oxymoron? My daughter told her friend once that what she said was an oxymoron, and her mother got mad at her for calling her that.

Then my daughter had to explain what oxymoron meant. But truly, these are wild tame birds of Scotland! 🙂 <3

Swan and Juvenile Seagull

Swan and Juvenile Seagull, quaint village park, Highlands


Wagtail across from the Isle of Skye



Robin, Dunvegan Castle Gardens

pigeon macro at observatory (640x427)

Pigeon at the Observatory Edinburgh, up close and personal

Gray Heron near castle ruins

Gray Heron near castle ruins and his reflection


Gray heron near Eilean Donan Castle

Gray heron near Eilean Donan Castle and his reflection and that of the bridge to Eilean Donan.

And more birds!

Okay, back to writing. I had to run errands most of the day and didn’t get to do what I needed to do as far as writing goes. So tomorrow through Sunday, no more goofing off.

Have a love day!


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2 thoughts on “The Tame Wild Birds of Scotland

  1. Reminds me of the seagulls around just about any beach here in the states. People feed them so they are always looking for a hand out. And seagulls remind me of the two make believe ones from Red Skelton’s act. Heathcliff and Gertrude would be flying over and one would say “I got the drop on that one”. I think the friendliest seagulls I ever saw were in Sausalito. California.

    • lol, that’s funny. I love seagulls because it reminds me of the water and I love the water. So the two go hand in hand. 🙂 When I hear seagulls, I’m near the water. It reminds me of Florida and California when we would go to the coast. I just associate fun times with the water and since the seagulls are part of the landscape, when I see them, it reminds me of the good times.

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