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I have a new lens 70-300 for my Canon, and I haven’t been able to get any shots of anything worth shooting since I got it. But then I heard a mockingbird singing away in its multitude of tunes beneath the window. Hot old Texas had finally gotten cool, so I had my windows open, but still, the screen is in place. In the past, I’ve used an 18-135 lens and gotten blurry pictures of cardinals sitting in the same shrubs because the lens has focused on the tree branches, difficult to see. I really thought the new lens would have the same result because of the shadows in the shrubs and because it would focus on nearer objects. Disappointing because the cardinal had come right up to the window too, curious as to what the one-eyed monster was that was peering back at him and he was not in focus at all.

Did you know the Mockingbird is the Texas state bird?

I got as close to the mockingbird as I was able before he flew off, and of course the branch was in the way, so it focused on it more than the bird, but even so, these are the best bird shots I’ve ever gotten through the window, of a bird in the evergreen variegated privet. The background almost looks like a stained glass windowpane. Touches of bokeh. Really pretty.

I think these are sparrows. These were shot with the 18-135. In the first one, you can see the window screen. It would have been fun to get a picture of them with the 300 lens to see what a difference it would have made.

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birds in family room window 022 (640x508)

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