Cover Reveal! Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply!! May 3

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (487x800)

male cardinal head cocked 008 (800x533)

Male cardinal watching for predators. I saw the hawk again.

Need to clean my window, but it’s right next to shrubs and spiders like to build their nests in there. 🙁  So I’ll wait until it’s colder to get in between them and the window and clean. 🙂

Okay, having one of those mornings. Computer hung up on the mss I’m writing. Then I tried to close it, wouldn’t. Tried to restart, and computer said, “No! Updating.”

Okay, updating. Took the garbage out. Updating. Okay, went through my clothes to do some weeding. Updating. Okay, it’s been an hour. Enough already. I need to write on this book 24/7 until it’s finished. I don’t have time to update forever and ever and ever.

Shut off my computer, turn it back on. Processing all the updates. And then Updating Settings. And….updating. And updating. And updating. Is it just me or is the computer devil trying to give me grief this morning?

Okay, okay, so after 2 hours of waiting for my computer to be functional, my external hard drive isn’t “connecting.” It’s been doing this for a while. Just ordered a new one today because I have the sneaking suspicion it’s going to quit connecting forever and and ever and ever, and I’m going to be up the creek…

Anyway, my Seagate one won’t work on this computer now, still working on my laptop. This is a Passport, but it worked for much longer. And yes, I’m saving to a cloud and in emails, but still…. I’ve lost books before. Whole books and I don’t want to do that ever again.

Since everything’s working for the moment, I’m back to writing. But don’t you LOVE the new cover??? The old title is She-Wolf Leader of the Pack. They wanted something different so I came up with Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply. In the wild, some packs are run by a she-wolf that doesn’t have a mate. She’s lost him oftentimes and so I based this on that premise.

Before anything else quits working, I’m off and running!

Have a great day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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