Writing a Book is Like Birthing a Baby!!! Or Conquering a Jungle with Machete in Hand! Or…Time Travel! Or….

Some books just slip out and they’re no trouble at all. Some you have to deliver by C-Section. I like the ones that just write themselves. But then I have those that I struggle with, for a variety of reasons. And in the end, they’re just as much loved as the ones that gave me no trouble at all.

This is one of those troublesome books. Sooooo, I was at 72,000, near the end, and thinking the book just wasn’t working. It happens. I always listen to my gut instinct. It’s just not working. I know I have to change the direction of the story. The deadline is FAST approaching. I keep getting more promo requests I need to do. And more.

So a few days ago, I transported in time. Did you notice I was missing for 3 whole days? That’s why!

Ice Cave Disney World

Okay, maybe I didn’t transport quite THAT far back in time.

a spell (360x640)

The process was totally dizzying.

Sun rays off a mountain

I saw the light.

green fae world

At the end of the tunnel.

dragonflies 007

Days turned into nights.

Super moon from the airplane over Texas


I took out my machete and began to hack at the jungle, cutting, cutting, cutting, and adding, adding, adding, and cutting, and cutting, and cutting. Twenty-five thousand words bit the dust. The deadline keeps looming nearer. Time didn’t stand still. Characters began to evaporate from the pages, whole scenes, tons of pages. Threads of thoughts still lingered. They didn’t belong. The connections lost.

And then it was done, but not REALLY done. I catapulted back into the present.

Urquhart Castle catapult

And now it’s time to finish all those unwritten scenes, make sure no stragglers from the past still exist and finish the book! It’s the Butterfly Effect, you know. Change one little thing and it changes all. I’m back up to 64,000. I’m behind on word count. Laughing, I would have been done…but not really. Sometimes, I just have to listen to my gut instinct and fight the good fight.

My work is cut out for me, but the book is soooo much better. It’s times like these that remind me writing a book can be a grueling affair, but in the end? It’s worth it!

Have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Writing a Book is Like Birthing a Baby!!! Or Conquering a Jungle with Machete in Hand! Or…Time Travel! Or….

    • lol, thanks so much, Bonnie! I’ve had books like this before, and when I’m done, I love them. 🙂 I just knew it wasn’t working. It’s fun again, which is why I was able to write so much the last few days to make up for some of the cutting. 🙂 But it just goes to show sometimes it’s really hard writing a book right. 🙂 <3

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