A Drop or Two of Water Inside–A Lot More Outside

running water 010 (800x533) gold running water 015 (800x533) goldI did it! I captured a beautiful drop of water, or three. Oh, I know, pros are shaking their heads because their work is really astounding, but really, I admire pros’ work all the time. And I know this isn’t half as spectacular as they can do. But for me? It’s my first time ever. And it’s fun. Beautiful And I’m ecstatic. It’s amazing what will thrill me. I took 15 pictures to get these two. I used the built-in flash, a micro 40mm Nikon lens, and a high speed disk, normal bathroom lighting.

I want to be like them when I grow up. Yes, I write USA Today bestselling books and create award-winning bears, but I want to create fantastic photographs too! Not to resell, not as a livelihood, not enough hours in a day. But just for the simple joy that I can say, I did it! And I did it well.  And then go on and try something else that looks as spectacular–to me. Next attempt is to try to capture a water drop on something like some of the pros do. I have tons of water drop photos on things from flowers at castles while it was raining and we were out in it, to raindrops at home, but they don’t have the sparkle like the pros’ photos do. So that’s something I want to try.

multicolored rose drop of water on drop of waterThis is the closest I have to anything interesting. Water droplets on top of water droplets on a multicolored rose. I wasn’t using a flash. I’m wondering if that would have made a difference. In any event, when I have a chance, I’m going to work on it.

raindrops blade of grass (640x430)In this picture I was focusing on the flower. But the camera focused on the raindrops. Shows what a pro I am! lol Anyway, again, I wonder if I had used a flash, if it would have made a difference, and if I’d gotten closer to the raindrops, not been focusing on the flower (ha!), that they would have been captured better. Like the water drops on water drops on the rose. I wasn’t taking the photo of the water drops, but of the rose. If I concentrate on the water drops, maybe….

raindrops blade of grass1Just a cropped shot to show the raindrops more. What I thought was interesting was that the raindrops were clinging to the underside of the blade of grass, which makes sense, and yet they were propped up on top of the upper side of the blade of grass also. So what made the picture interesting to me was the way in which they settled. Does that sound like a story in the making???

And with that, I’m back to working on THE STORY. The Viking’s Highland Lass is coming along fine. I don’t like the first two pages so will be rewriting them. But I’m already a quarter of the way there on the word count! So off and running. 🙂 <3

Can you believe it’s November already??? With 80 degree weather, I can’t either. 🙂 Have a super wonderful day!


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