Cougar Short Story on Literary Escapism

Here’s my Black Friday cougar stories for my fans of the Yuma Town cougars–shape-shifter variety.

And more bears at reduced prices that are still available.

Panda Bears

Panda Bears-

Panda bears, normally $49, $29 for the ones without sweaters. $35 with a sweater. These are all mohair and alpaca wool bears. They have machine embroidered names on their paws. Pandas take a LOT more work, but I’m selling them at my regular plush bear price for the MOVING sale.

Goldie Mohair Bear 15" SALE Price- $39 + shipping

Goldie Mohair Bear 15″
SALE Price- $39 + shipping

Artist Bear

Artist Bear

Artist bear–purple mohair with artist paint smock, regular price $45, moving sale price $29.

String Mohair Bears Ready for Christmas

String Mohair Bears Ready for Christmas

Three little string mohair bears looking for a home. They are regularly $39, moving sale price is $29, the price of a plush bear.

And as I was working on all this, I saw a cool reflection and snapped a shot. I just missed catching an even better one, but I thought this was cool too. Can you tell what it is?

what is it (640x533)Have a great one!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Wilde & Woolly Bears

5 thoughts on “Cougar Short Story on Literary Escapism

  1. I would love to have the little string bears but I won’t know until after Wednesday if I can swing it or not. Monday I’m heading in for knee replacement surgery. I should be out Tuesday or Wednesday, they told me 2-3 days and I paid for 3 days with my Tricare.

    • Okay, CK, sounds good. Just let me know. 🙂 And good luck with your surgery. I’ve heard that friends who have had it have had great success with it. 🙂

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