Okay, Will Everyone Please Look this Way and Say Cheese!

doves 001 (640x336)doves 003 (640x345)Nope. Unlike my dogs that love to pose for the camera, birds, mourning doves in this case, are taking turns being on guard while the others are eating. I will say they all were looking to the right at one point, but I wasn’t able to get the camera out in time to photograph it. Doves mate for life, so these are probably two couples. Sometimes one will chase another away, but sometimes they’re fine with each other all feeding at the same time. Sometimes they’ll just rest there, as if this is a nice safe spot for them to stay a while.

Coming down to the wire on the book deadline. Usually I have my books completed and turned in a month ahead of time. But with family visiting for the holidays, the move, being sick, the reader’s conference, and trying to sell my house, it took me a while to even have my computer set up for working. Plus, I didn’t have my signed contract for the book until a week ago, so technically, I shouldn’t have even started it until I had the contract in hand.

But, it’s getting closer. Only 14,000 words left to go! At least for word count. I’ll still be finishing it and editing it. I have two bear orders to get done too, but my sewing machine isn’t set up. And my daughter is coming over with a couple of friends to use my big kitchen counter to bake Valentine’s cookies on Friday. I’ll take pictures, maybe sneak a cookie, and hopefully have my word count done before they show up! 🙂 <3

Have a great day!


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