Ugh, Taxes & Missing Stuff

pink flowers, Scotland (640x427)Flowers in Scotland.  How much more fun it is to think about such things than taxes.

I’m only 5,000 words from my word count on The Viking’s Highland Lass, but have been alternating between working on it, and gathering my tax information, and unpacking boxes, which I started to do when I was looking for tax documents.


Then I realized I couldn’t find my tartan fabric, a whole tub was missing!

Downey Clan Bear

Downey Clan Bear

Then I found it! But then I’m missing my bear patterns. argh! Okay, so two are my most popular bears–the large one and the small one pictured here. You heard me, right? My most popular. I have an order for each size. I finally found my copyrighted pattern for the small bear, but I had to make adjustments to it because I’ve changed it up a lot. So now I have a second copy of the small bear pattern, yes! I still can’t find my large one, just a gusset and an ear does not a big bear make.

blue rainbow bear lying down with baby (640x427)I’ve gone through everything several times, looked through drawers, thinking I might have found them and it was a good idea to put them somewhere safe. Not.

I’ve unpacked all my boxes, but have three tubs that I don’t know what to do with that I unpacked from boxes, so every bit of them has been gone through, no patterns, but I will go back through them again. I even checked the plastic tubs in the garage, thinking that one of those was not REALLY a box of Christmas stuff. But it wasn’t out there.

You see now why I write about the fae, right???

Winged faeThey love to play pranks and jokes on me.

All right already, your next book is coming, Golden Fae. Give me a break and if I don’t have to spend hours and hours and hours looking for bear patterns, guess what? I can be writing your story!

Hmm, do you think it will work? I don’t know. What I do know is that if if I quit looking for the patterns, I will run across it. But that could take years.

Have a great day! I’m back to taxes and Vikings and Highlanders….


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