Did You Spring Forward???

Can a Blackbird take a swan dive?

Brown-headed Cowbird–males

Females on the ground

Females on the ground

Bird in flight

Bird in flight

blackbirds, female and male 088 (504x640)This blackbird seemed to be feeding the other, both males.

blackbirds, female and male 087 (442x640)Here they were before the exchange.

Okay, so you write the story, do you show what happened first, and then the end result? Sometimes it’s more dramatic to show what led up to that, in a different sort of way.

blackbirds, female and male 086 (480x640)And here they were at first, like he was offering the seed to the other. They appeared to be conversing, until the one bird’s beak connected with the other in a mutually agreeable way.

So for those of us stuck with changing our dumb clocks forward, which by the way, doesn’t make the clock dumb, only the need to do so dumb, did you? Change all your clocks? Luckily, my computer, phone, and watch automatically do it. So do my alarm clocks. But my car doesn’t, and when I walked into the kitchen this morning and saw it was 4:30, I was ready to go back to bed. Yep, it’s really 5:30. But you know what? It’s REALLY 4:30. Changing the clock to 5:30 doesn’t make it so.


Have a great spring forward day. 🙂 Anyway!


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2 thoughts on “Did You Spring Forward???

  1. I really despise daylight savings time and when I retired I would avoid adjusting clocks for maybe a month or so. If I had an appointment at say 10AM, I would put 11AM on my calendar. That worked for me for a while until one year I got a new phone that adjusted itself without asking me. Sigh

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