Sometimes You Give it All You’ve Got and…

You still don’t get nothing!

squirrel and Tanner on his back 002 (640x427)And worse than that, here I am trying sooooo hard, and I’ve got an audience! Hey, what are you looking at, bub?

squirrel and Tanner on his back 004 (640x427)The dove is smiling. That is one dumb squirrel. Didn’t you see the design? Squirrel-proof. That means the birdseed is for the birds. That’s me.

squirrel and Tanner on his back 009 (640x427)And me. After playing outside, getting as much birdseed as I could sink my teeth into, and getting brushed and brushed and brushed, that’s me. Totally passed out. Mom said the dogs were barking next door. Nope. Didn’t hear them. She turned on the camera, which means it’s showtime for me and I have to sit up and pose. Didn’t hear it. Sometimes life just wears me out.

What about you?

Have a super great Monday!!!


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