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I met three of my neighbors today, and we were all talking about how we have to move plants that the builders had planted too close together and on top of the houses. 🙂 I want to do that before mine get too big for their space and are harder to move. But it’s fun having neighbors who are interested in that sort of thing.

pink plants (640x502)plants neighbors 023 (640x427)These were a pretty annual of some sort that my one neighbor put it. Love them. But I love perennials that come back year after year. Silver Cockscomb:…/Silver%20Cockscomb.html

plants neighbors 007 (640x427)plants neighbors 008 (640x427)These were flowers that had come back from last year, so perennials.

plants neighbors 032 (640x427)And this is the flower to that tall grass.

plants neighbors 034 (640x427)plants neighbors 015 (545x640) (2)And this was another mystery flower. Perennial.

Well, I bought a couple of double roses, a couple of trailing roses, and a couple of skyrocket holly. 🙂 Moving burford holly to the backyard tomorrow. They get to 6 ft tall, around 4 feet wide? Anyway, they need to be planted 2 1/2 feet from each other, I think the 6 are planted about a foot from each other. And they’ll be blocking the windows.  I hope I put them in a good location and don’t have to move anything again. 🙂

Do you find that the little shrub or tree looks so little that you need to plant a lot of them closer together, then one day they’re way too big? Or you have to take your pruners or hedge trimmers to them all the time? That’s what I want to avoid. 🙂

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