There Are Not Enough Hours in a Day!

Don’t you feel that way? If you’re at the day job, there are not enough play hours afterwards or before. If you’re at a home job, same thing!

So I finished edits on The Viking Highland Lass and have to proofread it again to make sure I didn’t add new mistakes into it as I was editing. And I was trying to keep up with my word count on Golden Fae because I was ahead 5,000, but then got behind 4,000 (which meant 9,000 words, but I was ahead, you see, so only 4,000 count), and then I caught up, and then I got behind with finishing edits last night and…I think I caught up because I wrote a lot of words before I went to sleep last night, but I can’t be sure because I have to type them up.

Now my critique partner would say that is a run-on sentence. I say it’s creative license. So I’m off to proof the book, type up the notes on the other, and figure out what to do with my vehicle registration. It’s for the wrong county. Ugh. And call the tax people. I dropped it off two weeks ago and haven’t heard a peep. Double ugh.

bumblebee and lavender (640x500)sparrows, house finch, bumblebee, lavender and red roses 044 (640x427)bumblebee 003 (640x566)Oh, yeah, and I was playing around with pictures. I planted some lavender and red roses. I love purple flowers and red and purple look so pretty together.  And yes, a bumblebee has claimed the lavender for its own. Max keeps putting his nose up to it and I keep telling him to leave it alone.  I was about to take a picture of the bumblebee and there’s Max’s head in the picture. So I had to warn him away before he got stung. I’ve already had a couple of pretty butterflies land on them, but I wasn’t able to photograph them. They just landed for a millisecond and were gone. One was a yellow that looked to have a little red trim on it, and the other a monarch. 🙂

Okay, really time to get started with the day. Wait, have to take trash out…. *sigh*

Afterwards, it’s time to start the work day.

Hope you are having a great one! It’s cold here!!! At least for me!


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