Does Mommy Know?

Max and Tanner scraggly 004 (640x586)

It’s all your fault Mommy tied my hair back too.– Max
Do you really think she’s mad at us for digging in the bark mulch for birdseed? Do you think she even knows?– Tanner
She knows. I’m sure she has eyes in the back of her head.– Max

I’m finishing up proofing The Viking’s Highland Lass, just got in final edits (I think) for A Very Jaguar Christmas, and I’m only short 500 words on The Golden Fae word count. BUT, with having to finish up Viking today and start on Jaguar, I’m sure the Golden Fae will get further behind. 🙁

Called tax lady, and no response, no call back. I’m having nightmares that she’s disappeared off the face of the earth and all my tax documents with her. ugh.

Have a great day!!!


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