The Tail Feathers First

blue jay 001 (640x427)Okay, so I’m having fun photographing different birds that come into the yard. I’d seen a male blue jay and female the other day, but not long enough to photograph. So this one landed on my bird feeder and I couldn’t get him there either. The bird feeder is too small for him. But when he landed on the oak tree, I thought, great! All tail feathers. But at least he turned a little so I could see his face.

blue jay 016 (640x622)I took a lot of tail feather pictures before he turned sideways and gave me a really good shot.

blue jay 018 (614x640)And then a fun shot of him flying off.

The Viking’s Highland Lass was uploaded to all the sites. Itunes should be available soon for preorder. Amazon has a glitch for their previewer, so I’ll have to check it out again tomorrow. I’m now working on the edits on A Very Jaguar Christmas, and then back to Golden Fae. 🙂

Have a super wonderful day!!


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