Turning a Yard into a Whimsical Garden

garden in the sun, planted pots, bay laurel 035 (427x640)Colorful planter gardening. Hopefully my plant pots aren’t too small, but nothing else will fit in the stands. These were my mother’s, so I had to put them to good use. The colorful pots are mine. They’ve really gone to whimsical colors just so I can have a whimsical fairy garden.  🙂

garden in the sun, planted pots, bay laurel 033 (640x427)I’m adding a border, but when I did it, I realized I need to cut back more grass. The white bricks behind the lavender against the fence is to keep the dogs from going on at each other as much beneath the fence. It worked to begin with. My puppies thought the brick wall I had at my old house was up for a while. 🙂  I ran out of pavers, so when I have a chance, I’ll go back in and get more.

garden in the sun, planted pots, bay laurel 029 (634x640)garden in the sun, planted pots, bay laurel 031 (640x427)So I’m getting the rights back to Deadly Liaisons, and I’m working on getting it ready to publish. I need a new cover, so still working on finding the right picture, and almost done with edits.

Off to talk to the CPA about the taxes!


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