Some Weird Looking Squirrel

woodpecker and white bear 108 (640x357)That’s what Tanner was thinking. He’s used to seeing a squirrel, never pays any attention to the birds unless a blue jay or dove is up there, but the woodpecker is something altogether different. It just didn’t look like the normal kind of squirrel at all.

woodpecker and white bear 001 (640x427)Hey, guys, can you please look this way? What’s over there that’s so interesting anyway? I loved their poses.

woodpecker and white bear 011 (640x427)Hey, little guy on the left, get with the program.

woodpecker and white bear 013 (640x427)I kept trying to catch the little guy on the left because he had such striking markings.

Okay, another bear to do, but finally finished this one!

white bear 154 (640x427)Have a super, wonderful Monday!!! 🙂



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