My Whimsical Sewing Room for Bears and Bunnies

When I’m not writing, gardening, or photographing flowers and birds and sunsets, I’m sewing bears and every once in a while, bunnies. All this furniture is really old. From the ivory bedroom pieces that my mother and dad had when I was a kid, to the sewing cabinet and multi-drawer chest I had before my kids were born. The old Singer sewing chest, my mother had when I was little and she hand-painted it. And the little, old table she picked up at a garage sale, dad glued it to give it more stability, and mom painted it.  The hand-painted bunny cabinet I picked up at a consignment shop was perfect for my ribbons. The covered chair is the puppies chair where they curl up and sleep when I’m sewing. I’m still organizing and putting things away in there, but for now, it’s my Whimsical Sewing Room!

sewing room 001 (640x427)sewing room 006 (640x427)sewing room 002 (640x427) sewing room 005 (640x427) bunny chest in bear room and fairy ornaments 001 (427x640) bunny chest in bear room and fairy ornaments 003 (427x640)

So what do you think? 🙂 Any room for whimsical in your life?


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2 thoughts on “My Whimsical Sewing Room for Bears and Bunnies

  1. When my Dad wanted my Mom to do something and he could not pry her away from her sewing he would leave a note saying what he wanted and address it to the “old sew and sew” LOL She would always reply “I’m NOT old!” They enjoyed teasing each other like that and always did it with smiles and lots of laughter.

  2. lol, that’s so cute. My mom and dad sewed all the cushions for the indoor patio furniture. The sewing machine was awful, but somehow they managed to make them and they did so a number of times together over the years when they needed to be recovered. I loved how they did projects together like that. 🙂

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