Planter gardening!

chives in the garden 022 (640x567)Garlic chives in the garden!

tomatoes and fairies and chives in the garden 009 (640x465)Cherry tomatoes are growing by leaps and bounds!

tomatoes and fairies and chives in the garden 001 (640x427)ripening tomatoes  (640x427)Some of the cherry tomatoes are actually starting to ripen! See the orange on the bottom of the tomatoes? When I took the picture, I thought it was the reflection off the orange marigolds. Silly me.

bay leaves (640x565)Bay Laurel leaves for cooking too!

bumblebee on snapdragons, anc chives 063 (640x548)And curly parsley too.

I’ve had all the herbs, just waiting for the tomatoes to ripen!

I’ve never grown anything but tomatoes before, and only once had tomatoes! So I’m excited. Can you tell?

Have a super great day!


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