The Characters are Speaking to Me!

Yes, I’m not crazy! The scenes are appearing in my mind’s eye, and I have to write. Golden Fae is nearly to the end. I’m 4,000 words over word count. I love this when I finally know the truth. I know the reason for all the madness. I am all knowing. lol So before other things like real life clutter my thoughts, I leave you with a fantasy, though real, pictures of Scotland, but they are so beautiful, so majestic, so fantastical, that it’s pure magic. Do you see the magic in the world too?

heather creek (427x640) (3)bottm half of waterfall (640x427)

Scottish Thistle (2) (640x427)

Can you see the heather blooming beside the creek? See the water falling, smell the spray, hear the rush as it meets the pool of water down below? And of course, Scottish thistle. I will leave you to ponder it while I’m off to capture the next scenes in the book!

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