I’m Done!!!! But Not Really Done!!!

tomatoes, frog sculpture, puppies 021 (427x640)See the itty bitty tomatoes? These are Sweet Million, so they’re cherry tomatoes. Some are in the baby stage, just formed. Some are in the grownup stage and ready to ripen. Golden Fae is done! I finished writing it! But now, it must ripen. I’m the sun, and I’m helping it along. That means reading it to catch mistakes, and to catch those loose ends. I make notes for myself as I’m going along. Wait, I have 2 names for one of the characters? Wait, her mom said nothing about her new hairstyle. Wait, the dragons were practicing routines for the games that would include partners, and I didn’t mention it? Wait, she was going to wear colored contact lenses. What happened to that?

So as I read, I cover all the loose ends. No way is Kayla going to stick something in her eye, for one…

I need to copyright it. I have to format it for print because I know all my print readers will feel neglected, create the cover, proof it again, and then, it’s ready!!!

I need to do the print version of Deadly Liaisons too. Some say print is dead. But I love print books. I stare at a monitor all day and until I go to bed. So print works for me.

But enough chitchat! I’m reading the last 30 pages, and then getting ready to work on the print version and the print cover. I also have a guy coming over under the home warranty to fix a door handle that came off in my hand yesterday. It’s funny, not, but I’ve lived here since Jan 8, and this is the first time it’s done it. And now, every time I grab it, forgetting that it’s not secure, it either is in my hand, separated from the door, or on the floor, because I release the handle and it flies off. And my next-door neighbor is going to put in shelves for me in one of the coat closets. We both had two, and a place to hang jackets by the garage door. Why would you need 3 separate areas for coats when this is near Houston, Texas, and NO linen closet?

Has to be designed by someone who doesn’t think of where the towels need to be??? And sheets and blankets??? I have them stuffed in closets right now, so inconvenient.

And have 4 more bear orders! Working on them now too. Okay, really back to reading, AND exercising. I’m walking in place whenever I proofread. I set my keyboard up on a box, and then I don’t have to stop, lean over and make corrections. So multi-tasking, yes! 🙂

box and monitor 001 (427x640)

Have a great day!!!


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2 thoughts on “I’m Done!!!! But Not Really Done!!!

  1. Please do stick to print books. I read both, but really prefer print. The nice thing about ebooks is you can try new books/authors without spending an arm & a leg or check out from the library, but by my favorite authors, I prefer print.

    • I read print too, Deborah. When I have to read on the monitor all day long, I can’t do it on an ereader. 🙂 The print book for Golden Fae is now available! 🙂 <3

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