It’s Time to Publish!

koi colorful (800x533)A picture of koi at the Waco zoo, I took a few years back is still my favorite!

I worked from early in the morning until late last night on Golden Fae, and today, I will be formatting it with Vellum, but it is only available on Mac. So I convert it there, upload to Apple, which is only accessible also on Mac, and then I mail the files for the other venues to my PC, and upload everything to the other sites. Then wait for the book to be available. Ha!

tomatoes, frog sculpture, puppies 002 (640x427)My sweet bell pepper plant is growing taller.

tomatoes, frog sculpture, puppies 001 (640x427)My green bell peppers are just sitting there. Maybe they’re a little taller than before. But they don’t seem to be.

I keep working. I worked on the print book all day yesterday, proofed it and the ebook/mobi version again, and so I’ll be working on uploading the print book after that. I also need to make the print book cover.

And then? I’ll be starting the next wolf story due to my publisher in July. Though after I do all this, I REALLY need to go to the grocery store!

But first, I  had to say good morning, y’all! And then I’m off to work!

No time to celebrate! As soon as the book is available, I’ll drop in and offer all the links. Preorders are wonderful, but they also bind me to a date. I didn’t want to do that this time. 🙂 <3

Have a delightfully, fae-mischief free day!


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  1. Good Morning! Congrats on Golden Fae. Have a glass of Wine by your side as you do all your computer downloads. At least you can celebrate some. P.S. love the frog.

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