Scuba Diving in Hawaii


My son and his friends found a shark under the reef and so had to take a closer shot, of course.

I didn’t go and get to take the pictures or anything, but I had fun seeing them. 🙂


More of a close up of the shark. They don’t have telephoto lenses, so they couldn’t get really close up shots without being even more adventurous.

Blaine in Hawaii2 cave (640x360)Amazing view from a cave. He said they had to take a considerable hike to get up there to take pictures, but it was worth it.

Blaine in Hawaii, parrot 2 color blurred background improved colorMy son at a luau. I thought the parrot in his arms was stuffed. Nope, unless he just ate lots. 🙂 sea turtle and fish (640x480) and reflectionI was having some fun with this sea turtle and created a reflection of it underwater. Isn’t that cool?

Okay, trying to keep up with everything and still make word count. Have a great day!!


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