My Puppy is Dancing a Jig–or Wigged Out and Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply Out Next Tuesday!

Coming May 3!!


An alpha werewolf meets his match in this sizzling paranormal romance from USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear

Wolf shifter and park ranger Eric Silver is committed to his job policing spectacular San Isabel National Forest, and he’s hot on the scent of some mysterious wolves who are up to no good. When Eric’s investigation leads him to cross paths with forester Pepper Grayling, he’s fascinated to learn this she-wolf is her pack’s leader—strong, independent, and definitely not looking for a mate.

With unknown dangers on the prowl, Pepper is tempted to give in to her attraction to Eric and align her pack with his. But Pepper’s been pursued by many an alpha male out to take over her pack and gain her hard-won territory—and Eric is a born leader. How does Eric earn the trust of a she-wolf who’s been betrayed so often in the past?

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply  (Book 19)
May 3, 2016


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And there’s a giveaway for Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing!

Okay wrong cover, but he’s sexy too. He’ll be coming in October. Billionaire is coming out in July!

To get these shots of Tanner, I had to keep snapping photos. At first, I just watched his antics, thinking he would stop and that was enough. But he didn’t, so I grabbed up my camera and began taking pictures.
Tanner going crazy for  Berry Suet 024 (427x640)Tanner eyeing the suet on his hind legs (426x640) vignetteTanner going crazy (427x640)Tanner is soooo excited about the new book’s release, he was doing a jig!

In truth? I deal in fiction. So that is the truth! For the story. Oh, all right. I put in new suet that has a beefy mixture and Tanner went crazy. He was barking at it, trying to figure out how to climb the poll like a squirrel, jumping to reach it. So which story is more fun?

Both, I think! Have a great day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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