Shadows and Light–the World We Live in

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Dahlia in shadows…Mexican flower (640x427)Mexican Heather in shadows…

That’s the way I feel…like half my world is in shadows and I’m seeking the light… This morning, and for several days, I’ve been frustrated with my story. It is NOT coming. BUT, the good news is, this often happens. Sometimes, I can just write the book and this doesn’t happen–and I love it when I write a book like that.

But for this one and others like it, somehow, something clicks, and it comes together. How? I just keep pushing forward, keep writing, keep revising, keep writing, keep revising, and then suddenly, I see the light from the shadows and I’m in fast forward motion because the scenes are coming to me in shadowy visuals faster than I can write.

And yet, there is always this fear that it won’t happen this time. Sometimes, I think I need to throw out the whole book and start over again. Sometimes, I do start over from a new beginning and keep the scenes after that. Because it just needs to start in a new place. Sometimes, I shift gears and have a new idea that means rewriting several scenes to make it work with the new idea. No matter what I do, it’s always better.

I’ve learned to go with my gut instinct. That if something isn’t working for me, I know it won’t work for anyone else. So I have to fix it. There are lots of scenes I adore in this book. Funny, conflictive. But I’m just stuck on who did what and why. I’ve been brainstorming and brainstorming but nothing’s coming to me. I take breaks and nothing’s coming to me. I watch movies and nothing’s coming to me. I’ve thought of working on another book, but this one is due soon, so I can’t do that.

So I keep writing, keep revising, keep writing, and pushing forward.

Sometimes we just have to work in the shadows until we can find the light. 🙂

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