One of those Mornings…

I couldn’t sleep last night. I ended up with Malware on my Facebook and I can’t access it now. So I got up at 3 am to try and figure it out again. Changed password, used CCleaner, tried different browser, updated my Windows, and….had to restart the computer. Then, can’t get my computer started now.

So it’s been one of those mornings. I’m on my laptop, and I’ve sent an emergency message to my daughter to tell my SIL I need help! It’s Mother’s Day weekend. So it seems appropriate. Doesn’t it?

*sigh* I really have been trying to get my writing done. I hate it when I can’t start my computer, can’t access accounts I need to access and of course the puppies decided they had to go out at 5:30.

So I’m wearing my purple wolf t-shirt while writing this blog, ignoring the puppies that have been telling me for that last hour and a half that is time for their breakfast even though it is not.

And dreaming of the wolf…..


I finally got my butterfly/hummingbird plants in and I can’t wait until they start blooming. But they’re just little itty bitty things, and first I have to make sure my goats don’t eat them.

What? You didn’t know I have goats?

Max and Tanner tired (640x427)

Yep, they might not look like goats, but their looks can be deceptive.

Have a super great day!!

I’m going to write no matter the obstacles in my way!!! Oh, and I have 3 more butterfly plants to put out too. 🙂 Have a great one!


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