Hard Drive Failure–Like Heart Failure for a Computer

That’s what I have. Ugh.

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Okay, so my SIL fixed my computer, only to come home and have the ominous note: Hard Drive Failure on the screen.

Simple. Buy a new hard drive.

Not simple. OMG, I have so much stuff on my computer. Too bad there wasn’t a way to transfer through osmosis. *sigh*

Then I get an application to apply for homestead exemption. Except I did that. Back in January. And paid the money for it. So another issue to take care of on Monday. Do I think it will be resolved? Easily? Somehow, no. I don’t think so. And I’ve missed the deadline for homestead exemption, even though I did this when I bought the new house. *double sigh*

Hope you all have a great day.

I have Hard Drive Failure.

But with lots and lots of of work, this too shall pass…..


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