Going to the Dogs…

window max, new flowers, water fountain 001 (640x541)Looky here, a window seat just for me!

window max, new flowers, water fountain 004 (640x427)Isn’t it?

Okay, I’m still working on the story, hope I have transferred everything I need and can transfer to my external hard drive. I just learned from my son that he needs me to take care of his dog, Mishka, while he goes to Alaska on another AF mission.

Max, Tanner, Mishka and me (640x548)So this will be me, minus the Christmas tree. 🙂

Mishka was so clueless here. She usually wants on my lap too.

Still no Facebook, and the hard drive might not be installed until Thursday. *sigh*

Oh, oh, oh, but the great news is that even though my property taxes didn’t show a homestead exemption, after looking for proof fruitlessly for the better part of the morning, I took the chance and called the tax office. They had the paperwork and it was recorded!!! So that was the great news for the day.

Have a great day!!!


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