Hard Drive Exchange Tonight!–Butterfly/Hummingbird Flowers

My computer crashes constantly. I am getting it up some times, like now, so trying to post my blog before it crashes again, and working on my mss until it crashes again. It’s still faster than using a typewriter. 🙂

columbine (540x640)

columbineYou can see with a little bit of sunlight, the plant is beginning to turn a bit green. 🙂

columbine with fairy houseI’ve never grown so many different kinds of flowers. These are all butterfly/hummingbird flowers. But when I first got them home, the top picture is what they looked like. They still look like really bizarre alien plants, don’t they? It’s kind of cool seeing them before they look like a real plant. Add a fairy house and now it’s not alien but a fairy world.

I have others that I’ll show their transformation as soon as they do something!

But I’m a now kind of girl and I like to see what they look like from the get-go.

This is cuphea from the Mexican Heather family. And the ACE gardener says his attracts all kinds of hummingbirds.

cupheaEsperanza 001 (640x427)This is esperanza, also supposed to be a hummingbird flowering plant. Hmmm.

I’ll show more pictures as they progress and then IF they really attract anything, hopefully I’ll get pictures of those too!

Have a great day. Off to write really, really fast before my computer crashes again.


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