They All Look Alike–Not

blue dasher baby dragonfly 012 (1280x853) (1280x853)baby blue dasher dragonfly (544x640)Can you see the difference between these two baby blue male dasher dragonflies? One’s bigger, right?

Grandmother and great aunt in basket 3And these twin babies? They’re my grandmother and great aunt, and my grandmother is the one with the rounder figure. She always said she was the fat one of the two.

Their father was a Frenchman, Charles Roux from Selencourt, France where generations of the family were watch and clock makers, their mother of Scottish descent, remember the MacNeills? And this is a picture of them in their home in Portage-la-Prarie in Canada. Charles was a butcher, like his father who had settled in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In SEAL Wolf Undercover, our hero, a wolf, sees a jaguar, and when the jaguar shifters ask what the cat looked like, he responds, “A jaguar.”

Hey, to a wolf, jaguars all look the same. But in fact, their rosettes are like a fingerprint, all different from one cat to the next. To the untrained eye, or when you don’t have time to really study the spots, they could all look the same. Which is true of wolves, too. And people. Witnesses say that they were sure they saw a man enter a woman’s house who looked like the picture they were shown.

Yet eye-witness accounts are often completely skewed. Ten different people can see ten different things.

So do you really see the differences? Or does everything look the same to you?

Or…do you even care?

Okay, back to work!

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