Onward and Upward!–Purple Flowers in the Garden!

kaleidoscope butterfly bush purple 012 (640x640)I’ve been waiting soooo patiently–NOT–to see what colors the beautiful kaleidoscope butterfly plant turned out to be. And yesterday, I discovered it has some purple flowers! I LOVE purple.

kaleidoscope butterfly bush purple 006 (640x427)In the picture at the bulb company, they showed a mixture of colors, so we shall see. Remember how they said a mixed columbine and I only have one color on all three plants, but that’s okay. It’s a double pink and really pretty.

ahrub with growth spurt (324x640)On my skypencil holly, some of the branches are racing to the finish line on this “slow” growing shrub.

Purple Magic Crepe Myrtle 002 (640x427)And I had to take a couple of more shots of the Purple Magic Crepe Myrtle before the blooms fade too much. The bright lavender is the true color, and then the bluish purple is when it begins to fade, but is just as beautiful.

Purple Magic Crepe Myrtle 003 (640x577)Purple Magic Crepe Myrtle 001 (640x427)I have three of them, but only this one is flowering.

sunrise 001 (640x583)sunrise 004 (640x436)It’s going to be another scorcher today, but the sunrise was beautiful!

Between a Wolf and a Hard Place is turned in! Working on edits to SEAL Wolf Undercover before I turn it in. And setting up the novella for Enchanting the Highlander. My story is Highlander’s Desire, and will be part of the anthology. 🙂

Highlander's Desire (2)This will be the cover for the individual Highlander story when it comes out. But for now, it will be part of Enchanting the Highlander. 🙂

Okay, got to get back to work. I was thinking about leaving the wild grapes growing where they are. It’s nice to grow something that doesn’t struggle because it’s native. But, it might take over.

mokcingbird, bluejay, bluebird, grapes, cardinal 019 (640x426)

Off to work! 🙂

Have a super wonderful day!


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