Ending One Book, Starting Another

It’s never really the end. It’s always the beginning of a new journey. New job, new setting, new people. Hmmm, like life.

Last night someone was shooting off fireworks in our neighborhood. It’s not that I don’t like fireworks, but not THAT close. It sounded like someone had taken a sledgehammer to my windows, just about the time we thought it was going to end and then starting up again. The puppies were terrified. I took them to bed until whoever it was quit playing with their noisemakers. Then I put the puppies back to THEIR beds. They were reluctant. They were sure that the fireworks would go off again. Luckily they didn’t. I didn’t think it was legal to shoot off fireworks in a home development.

Anyway, the worst part is, it’s not even the 4th of July yet!!! I used to sweat it out when my neighbors at the last house would shoot off fireworks when I had dried corn in the fields. I could just see those catching fire and the whole place going up in smoke.

bell peppers (2) (1280x853)blue jays 007 (1280x1260)My bell pepper plants are going to town! Maybe I can share them with my son when he comes to visit. Can you see how many there are?

kaleidoscope (1280x853)


kaleidoscope butterfly bush (1280x853)

It looks like these kaleidoscope butterfly bush flowers might be all purple. Really pretty.

Max and the gate (2) (1139x1280)Max peeking out to see what I’m doing outside the gate.

tanner on the patio (1280x672)Tanner trotting along the patio as I’m taking pictures.

blue jays dove feeding (1280x853)Bluejay and dove feeding on hot pepper suet that’s dropped onto the pavers. There’s enough for everyone, but we have a bunch of new baby birds, mockingbirds and bluejays, and they’re all fighting over the suet. I haven’t seen baby doves, but they’re also fighting over it.

blue jay eyeing dove (1280x853)Bluejay doing the stare down, an attempt at intimidation.

blue jay spreading wings (1280x853)

So the stare down didn’t work, let me try my super bird big wings attempt at intimidation. Be afraid. Be very afraid. And then, just fly off so I can eat MY breakfast in peace. Okay?

Off to work on revising SEAL some more so I can get it ready to turn in.

Have a super day!



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2 thoughts on “Ending One Book, Starting Another

  1. It all looks marvelous!! Simply Marvelous. I’m not looking forward to the fireworks to start.

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