Gray Hairstreak Butterfly

gray hairstreak butterfly 033 (1280x853)birds, white butterfly 033 (2)A double butterfly or a double-headed mimic? Note the pretend antennas on the top of the butterfly? The head is down below. How cool is that?

I was watering and unsettled him, but he was persistent, thankfully, and I got my camera and was able to take pictures!

Dog sitting for the next several days. So far made it through Day 1 and on to Day 2. I’m removing 8 characters from my story and adding in three new ones, which means rewriting the book due tomorrow. But it just wasn’t working the way it was, even though I had finished it. *sigh* So the dogs are a big distraction. I’m fixing lunch, and everyone has to stay OUT of the kitchen. 🙂

2 redbellied woodpeckers, 4 dogs 031 (1280x853)

Off to walk them again. I have to take them on leashes or they get into my plants. Mine are eating my tomatoes. 🙁 Rilo grabs for everything he can get hold of.  So I take them out on leashes in pairs several times a day.

Have a great day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Gray Hairstreak Butterfly

  1. What an unusual butterfly. I have never seen one like that. Are these only found in Texas

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  2. Isn’t it beautiful? No, all over. But I had never seen one before either. They’re small and they move really fast. I found this: The small Gray Hairstreak Butterfly can be found all over the continent, flitting and flying in dizzying patterns.

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