The Stories are Swarming!!!

I’m excited because I’ll be halfway done on Vexing the Highlander today. Once it’s done, I’ll begin work on White Wolf Christmas, then Double Cougar Trouble, and then Loving the White Bear.

BUT…I’ve had several inquiries as to if I will put Covert Cougar Christmas in print. It’s a novella, so I hadn’t planned on it. UNLESS, I write two more stories so that it’s around 75,000-90,000 words. Then I will. Soooo, I was thinking, and yes, the stories are piling up in my head–but in Covert Cougar Christmas, Chet needs a story. He was on his way back to see his mother for Christmas. What if he runs into a woman stranded in a snowstorm…and she’s total trouble. Then what if I wrote another story that has to do with Cougar Christmas. And title the anthology as such? Three Christmas stories. Three at the same Christmas, all interconnected in some way?

See? The stories are swarming!!!

Okay, then I have this other problem. I admit it. I am a cover junkie. I make my own, or I find one I love. I’ve been looking for a really great one to replace the one I have for Forbidden Love. But instead, I keep running into others that I fall in love with.

So though I have several already made covers for Highland stories, this one was too beautiful not to use. I’ll reveal it closer to when I write it next year.

And then, I need to pitch three more stories to my publisher, and I keep thinking about those. Another Billionaire story for sure. Everyone is asking for Rafe’s brother’s story. And then Vaughn, in SEAL Wolf Undercover has a brother who is a SEAL. And then….not sure. Howard of the jaguar United Shifter Forces might need to have his story. Hmmm. Okay, well I need one of them to be a Christmas story, so maybe Billionaire, since I haven’t done one for them yet. See how the stories keep stumbling over one another? But they’re making my white wolves into a series, so I need one of those……

And I have soooooo many I need to write that I’ve partially written. Some with covers, some, ohmigosh, I need to go searching for more covers for. 🙂 And then I get lost in the search and find something else. And that means another story.


bee on garlic (800x533)Bee on garlic.

Sometimes, I block out the stories and just take pictures, or play in my gardens.

coneflower (800x609)Some of my coneflowers coming back to life.

Okay, I’m off to write. MUST make halfway point on Vexing today. 🙂

Do you ever find you have a ton of things to do, but the need to do all of them just overwhelms you? Make goals and get them done. 🙂  At least that is how it works for me. Two-thousand words a day and more if the scenes are coming. It’s the only way I can write as much as I do. And still do other fun things. Like take pictures and garden. 🙂

Have a great day!!!


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