Over Half a Million in Sales!

Now if I’d had even a $1 for each of those books, how wonderful that would be!!! Still, it’s really great knowing that I have sold that many books in the years I’ve been selling. Thanks to my readers for following me all these years and making it happen!!

firecracker vermillion cuphea hummingbird (946x1024) (2)I was into plant rescue mode yesterday when I went to get suet for the birds. At Ace Hardware, they had Vermillion Cuphea, Firecracker for Hummingbirds. I also picked up Society Garlic, edible to add to foods, and Dakota Gold Helen. Now all these were 70% off, and then with a $5 rewards card, it ended up costing me $4.00 instead of $43. So $1.00 a plant.

firecracker healthy (1024x769)This is the healthy one I planted at the beginning of the season.


hummingbird, firecracker (1024x683)closeup hummingbird, firecracker (1024x873)

This is the variety they had in San Diego. Huge, and the hummingbirds were all over it.society garlic and Helenium amarium (1024x671)

And these are the Society Garlic and the other flowering plant. Just need to plant them, but watering them for now. I think they’re already looking better.  I had NOT planned to buy anything more. At all. It was mean to show that 70% sign off when here I only intended to buy suet for the birds. 🙂 But I love rescuing plants when I can.

Okay, off to write the book. Working on getting to 9,000 today. 🙂

Have a super great day. It’s dark and cloudy, and we’re supposed to have rain later. Hope we do!!


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6 thoughts on “Over Half a Million in Sales!

  1. Congratulations on the book sales and best wishes for continued success! Does that Society garlic not make one antisocial ??? I need some lol

    • lol, it’s called that because supposedly, it doesn’t make one’s breath smell bad. But that’s debatable. lol 🙂 Maybe the plant growers had something to do with calling it that? And thanks on the sales!! 🙂

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