Monarch Butterfly and Skimmer Dragonfly!

common whitetail skimmer male dragonfly with white tail using tripod 021 (1280x1024) (2) So this is a whitetailed skimmer male dragonfly and they eat mosquitoes! I managed to get close while carrying my tripod, which I thought was an amazing bit of good luck.

And here is a monarch butterfly, and yes, in their caterpillar form, they eat plants. But then they turn into a beautiful butterfly and they dine on nectar. They are on the decline from pesticides, so it was nice to see the huge shrubs providing a haven for the butterflies at the Botanical Gardens in San Diego.

monarch butterfly on purple flowers (1280x1119)Monarch Buttefly Caterpiller (1280x965)

Here is the chrysalis or cocoon before the caterpillar hatched.

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis (1280x1076)

20% done on Vexing the Highlander! But this morning I need to ship books and get suet for the birds. 🙂

Then it’s back to writing. We were supposed to have 80% chance of rain. I think it went away. 🙁

Have a super great day!!!


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