It’s Coming to Me!!!

In bits and pieces–Vexing the Highlander–so I have to write really quickly or it will fade from my brain.

sunset and red-bellied woodpeckers 018 (800x533)So here is the coolest sunset ever! Overhead out front it was the prettiest purple and pink, but in the window it was oranges and yellows. Now…if I had been an artist, I would say that wasn’t correct. It clashed. It wasn’t real looking. But there you have it. Reality can be unreal, and fantasy totally real. And mostly from the backyard, the shifting colors. At first, it was a dreamy white. And I thought it was so pretty, I took a picture. The crepe myrtles and their leaf structure are pretty against the fading sky. Then the colors kept morphing, the clouds kept moving. I love how the sunset lights up the puffs of clouds. And then darker, until all that is left is a pink glow before the sunsets for another day.

sunset and red-bellied woodpeckers 001 (800x533)sunset and red-bellied woodpeckers 004 (800x533)sunset and red-bellied woodpeckers 005 (800x533)sunset and red-bellied woodpeckers 008 (800x533)sunset and red-bellied woodpeckers 011 (800x533)sunset and red-bellied woodpeckers 025 (800x533)sunset and red-bellied woodpeckers 026 (800x533)And that was the nighttime display.

Garbage is out! Missed it last Thursday. We only had it once a week back home, but it’s so easy to get used to having it 2 times a week now that if I miss it, I must remind myself of that.

Back to the book, the scenes are competing with each other for book space. And then? It’s off to White Wolf Christmas.

Have a wonderful day!!!


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