Scotland the Beautiful!

view from Glengarry Castle Library of Loch Oich (640x427)close up purple and white flowers (640x427)closeup of Highland Cow portrait red (640x427) Glengarry Castle ruins clouds autumn (640x427)While working with Vexing the Highlander, I needed some Scottish inspiration. I could be inspired to write all day long there!  The picture of the view is from Glengarry Castle, the new one. The bottom one is of the ruins.

Instead, I’m at home getting totally distracted by a swarm of woodpeckers! And that’s why I have been seeing a red-bellied woodpecker feeding CONSTANTLY at the feeders. There are 3 of them!

Momma and 2 juveniles, I think. Maybe daddy? Not sure. And then a redheaded woodpecker showed up! And so, besides working on Vexing’s cover until midnight, and the story until 1 am, I am late on everything else. The woodpeckers made me it.

redheaded woodpecker (2) (800x746)sunset and red-bellied woodpeckers 031 (791x800)2 red-bellied woodpeckers 034 (540x800)

The juvenile red-bellied woodpeckers at the bottom were playing around the tree.

And there you have it! Nope, the dog didn’t eat my homework. The woodpeckers did!

Have a super wonderful day!!! I’m off to write!


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2 thoughts on “Scotland the Beautiful!

  1. We enjoy woodpeckers also at our camper. Like you 2nd picture and also downy woodpeckers. They love the suet. Also many other birds on our other feeders. So enjoy watching them all. And once in a while a dragon fly will land on one of my lights and sun them selves. Got to love nature

  2. I so agree! It’s so easy to miss it. The other day, I was taking the dogs out to the bathroom, and I saw the tiniest dragonfly baby ever. But I didn’t have my camera with me. They are fun to watch!!

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