Did I Invite You?

monarch and guy's hands (800x533)I was taking a picture of a Monarch butterfly, never see them out here, and he was landing all over the flowers, perfect, beautiful shot, and some guy stuck his hands right in my photo! Can you imagine the nerve of the guy? LOL

Okay, so I figured I could crop his hands out, but then I thought, no, it made the picture even more interesting! Look at how close he could get and the butterfly just ignored him. And he had well manicured hands–so it was almost as though it was done on purpose. Oh, yeah, it was. Okay, changing story here. I planned it that way.

So then I was taking other shots without the hands, but people were still in the way! monarch butterfly in flight (800x533)Yet still, I found it fascinating. A couple sitting on a bench while the butterfly flew above the flowers made for a much more interesting picture, I thought, then just a picture of the butterfly and flowers. Which I managed to shoot after I moved around so I wouldn’t create a people-clogged butterfly photo. But they were a cute couple and it just added to the magical air of the butterfly and flowers and love.

Sometimes, I think other distractions are distractions, until I realize they add to the scenario. It happens with writing too. In a novella, well, in any form of story, I want the characters introduced to be important in some way. So while I’m coming up with my story (total pantser, so I just keep writing, not plotting it out), I realize some important characters need to be added. But wait, they already were. I just had them in various places, just characterless characters, and now they’re important. So even in writing, I’ll think someone shouldn’t have been invited, but now he or she is crucial to the story.

And with that bit of wisdom, I’m off to write on Vexing. I managed to get over 21,000 yesterday, shooting for 20,000. So need 25,000 to finish it. Or more, depending on the story. So nearly there!

Have a super great day and hope it’s lovely no matter where you are! We have a sunny scorcher today. Walked to get the mail, staying in the AC otherwise. 🙂


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