Do You Dream?

I mean, really dream. Not about what you’d like to become when  you grow up, but when you close your eyes kind of dream?

Have you ever wondered if it was because of something you ate? Something you shouldn’t eat? Something you should eat lots more of?

Have you wondered why people you haven’t seen for years suddenly pop into your dream, whether you want them there or not?

Have you pondered why you have such a bizarre dream–was it from something you watched on TV, something you saw in the news, something you’ve been trying to sort out? Something you’ve dealt with and can’t let go of?

Maybe all of the above? And then here’s this bizarre compilation of all those bizarre things in your life and there you have it. A dream.

San Diego Bay haze with overlay blue and sun (800x533) San Diego Bay haze (800x533)Okay, I was playing around with photos, when I wasn’t writing. I do need to take a break from time to time. So I wanted a pretty picture of San Diego Bay, and yes, I did manage to get a clearer shot of it later, but could I do something with this horribly awful shot?  So I played around with overlays and adjustments. I thought it turned out not half bad.

Then I took a photo of the Pacific Ocean from high above a cliff, which was the same vicinity I was in when I took the picture of San Diego Bay, and played around with some overlays on that one. From pretty to enchanting, don’t you think?


different colors of the sea (800x533)different colors of the sea (800x533) Morgan Burkes radioactive and cambria cloudOkay, I was really, really, really good yesterday and wrote 4,500 words. My goal was 2500 and 3,000 today. Does that mean I only have to write 1,000 today? No way! Today, I still write at least 2,000. BUT, if I could write 3,000, I would reach a nice round 20,000. We’ll see. It all depends if I can come up with scenes…

I saw a hummingbird!!! She was just flying in one spot in the center of my yard. I have hummingbird firecracker plants! Yes! You are supposed to love them! You are supposed to be drawn to them. *sigh*. Maybe next year. I couldn’t get a picture of her though. My windows were fogged up from the humidity in the air and she didn’t hold still long enough to for me to grab my camera, focus, and shoot.

Hope you have a wonderful day! We had lots of rain and it cooled it off here, so not half bad at all.


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