My First and ONLY Selfie!

I had never taken one before, and never planned to, but everyone was doing it, and so, hey, it’s like jumping off a bridge, right? Well, yeah, unless you look great in a shot where your nose is about touching the camera! I have short arms.

The location was ideal though, so why not? And I took a photo of the two friends I was with, and then look what happened!

Off in the far distance, you can see the viaduct where the Harry Potter train travels. But where my friends stood, the Highlander of my dreams–or pirate, or something–made them leave so he could get into the picture. Would you call it a photobomb or a Kodak moment? Only a true hot guy could stand in that chilly rain and bare his chest.

So there you have it! We braved the rain, the fog, the cold, and all to take a selfie with the hero of my dreams. Really.

Pirate and me2  foggy (640x480)really close up of Harry Potter train over viaduct in rain misty (640x427)And this was really why we had waited forever in the weather. By the time the train came, it was raining hard.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Make up your own story day! 🙂 And have fun! 🙂


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