Nitpicky Little Things…

You know, life is full of them! Those nagging little things that need to be taken care of–the weeds pulled, and stuff readied for the mail, the garbage set out, the list made that I neglect to make, then run to the store and forget half of the things I really needed to get. Why is that? I know I  need to get them, and then…there’s all this other stuff I really want to have. Not NEED to have, but WANT to have.

So I was up at 4:45, got all the nitpicky little things out of the way, and now I have to write my blog and I’m tired. Maybe I should go back to sleep. 🙂

But, wait, I have more things to do. Lots of more things to do. Who could sleep at a time like that? Right?

Yesterday, I went out to refill a bird feeder, but the juvenile doves were sitting on it. I figured they’d leave when I got close. But they didn’t. So I returned to the house and took my camera and got really close to the birds and took photos. The one in the feeder was so tame, he just waited there the whole time.

The mockingbird landed near me too, and a house finch was on the fountain behind me, but he flew off when I turned around.

dove mother and two juveniles (800x533)Momma Mourning Dove with two juveniles.

juvenile doves close up 020 (800x625)The two juveniles came back on their own.

juvenile doves close up 006 (800x534) juvenile doves close up 050 (800x533) juvenile doves close up 013 (800x533)Okay, I’m off like a turtle. Yep. Three hours later and what have I accomplished? I could have written a book by now! lol

Have a great one!


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